Build supercharged teams.

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Development Teams

Get your app developed and delivered for you in a shiny package, let us take care of the process, technology, and team setup.

If we don’t have the right talents for the job on the team, we scout the market to hire them and build your team from scratch. We can train and educate the best candidates through a wide variety of courses provided by Cprime Learning and partners. We have extra awesome tools for developing your team’s skills to make sure that personal and business values are aligned.

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# where to find the top-performing talents for your development?

Managed teams

Engage a full-fledged team of IT superstars to work on your development and have a seasoned Delivery Manager take care of the communications and processes

Offshore Development Center

Build an R&D or an OD Center with access to the largest IT talent pool in Europe and the infrastructure that helps you go faster and with higher ROI

Help Desk

Launch a technical help desk for 24/7 support of your users, build loyalty and trust by being ready to help when they need you most

Virtual workplace solutions

Let your distributed team work as if they're in the same room by providing them with a multi-featured virtual workspace based on Atlassian products

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IT Talents Staffing

Extend your team with the right people, not mere skills, team up developers into one super force distributed across the globe.

We put a lot of effort into building the company people like working for so generally, we can guarantee the first person can be staffed in as soon as 3 weeks. However, if you need a unicorn engineer it takes time to find one. What you can count on is that we will leave no stone unturned.

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# what is the fastest way to equip your team with the right skills?

Team extension

Advance flexibility of your development augmenting your team with any skill set and unicorn talents even if they're based across the globe - discover synergies of the distributed teams built the right way

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