Web-based content management system


Californian start-up company B2lead had an idea to create a social network that presupposes the users’ exchange of information and PDF documents.

The challenge was that legacy CMS required labor-intensive data exchange with third-party systems and manual handling of addressees’ activities tracking data. So B2Lead was looking for an experienced team of developers to deliver the updated platform fast and within a reasonable budget.

Cprime Studios has been hired to develop the initial functionality and then re-build the solution in 2 years significantly extending the functionality.


Cprime Studios took part in the first re-building of the Drupal-based platform.

In 2 years, after the platform has been commercially used, it was completely re-built again, now with a key focus on automation of business processes and integration with 3rd party services.

Cprime Studios Client - B2Lead

B2Lead's turnkey solutions help B2B marketers and agencies reach their lead generation objectives and make the most of their marketing assets


reverse engineering of the whole project developed by a 3d party on the Drupal platform
stabilization of the entire system and improving usability
implementation of web Adobe PDF player
development of reporting and tracking system
implementation of a multi-domain system
integration with social networks

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