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Mabaya has been building the online product promotion system, helping online retailers and marketplaces to promote their products in relevant searches and pages, manage their eCommerce media and monetize their traffic.

Mabaya has requested a team extension with Java and AngularJS developers from Cprime Studios. The client wanted to manage the developers directly and engage them in software development as an augmentation of their in-house team.


Mabaya has had an ongoing team extension with Cprime Studios since 2016.

The product has been successfully released.
3 3561 328 ads are served daily and has 215 721 active sellers.

Many positive reviews confirm the success of the project.

Cprime Studios clients_Mabaya

Empowers online retailers and marketplaces by offering them a state-of-the-art advertising platform to manage their eCommerce media and monetize their traffic


User-friendly interface and an engine based on a machine learning algorithm
Offer and support of the different touch points and ad types
White label backoffice, silent login, multiple languages, customizable options
Real-time built-in reports
Accurate ad targeting, Manual or Automatic Keyword targeting
Multiple user types and simple integration
Offers pre-defined campaigns, several bidding options

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