Cloud-based document collaboration platform


The founders of the LastDraft – a tech entrepreneur, a management consultant, a private equity partner, a non-profit executive - were frustrated with the standard editing and change-tracking tools available for the joint work of the team especially when the correct documents are critically important like for the legal and other professional teams.

They have hired Cprime Studios to help design and build a new kind of version control and collaboration platform inspired by a robust and secure solution for collaborating on complex software development projects – GitHub.


The application is being increasingly used by law firms, where all changes to documents and their versions are very important.

During the development phase, the joint team of LastDraft's and Cprime Studios' developers has invented a unique patent-pending algorithm for the documents versioning control.

Cprime Studios Clients -

Cloud-based version control and document collaboration platform that enables users to efficiently collect, track, and integrate feedback from multiple people, teams, or parties to finalize documents, written content, copy, and more, designed to be used by anyone whose professional or personal life involves writing, editing, and finalizing written materials


Providing reviewers with access to the relevant copies, preventing changes overwriting
Ability to collaborate in real-time on the same copy or restricting sharing and collaborating options
Maintaining multiple master copies of a single document, preventing “untracked” changes and versions mix-ups
One view enabling to compare, accept, or reject changes and get notified about feedback to review

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