Refactoring of Online Portal Supporting Eldercare


Customer’s website was poorly coded and had a hacked Drupal core. Multiple issues prevented client from hosting the website in Acquia environment and extending its functionality.

Archer proposed to completely replicate the look and feel of the existing website while refactoring its code and extending functionality on a Drupal CMS paying maximum attention to code standards and Drupal best practices.


Within 2 months we re-built the site from scratch paying maximum attention to its architecture and Drupal best practices.

Having launched a new site allowed to add new functionality to it which was almost impossible before. The new Press release section was added to the site, search capabilities and SEO were also enhanced greatly.

Cprime Studios Clients -

Leading mobile and web platform designed to connect care providers to clients seeking in-home care services for themselves or their loved ones with the network of 60,000+ care providers across the US.


Rebuilding the high traffic website from scratch under tight deadlines
Redefining the approach to the whole website architecture
Enhanced functionality, usability and performance
SEO-optimization and has high score of usability
Adjusting the website to allow hosting in Acquia environment

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