Peer-to-Peer Safety iOS/Android Apps


Musketeer and Cprime Studios made an agreement to develop a new version of the system from scratch, based on existing experience and feedback from the existing version of the app.

The core target was to enable enhanced communication between users, advancing features of emergency response and ability to track users' current location by other musketeers and EMS.


Cprime Studios re-designed the social safety network to include several types of users, ensuring each of the groups is as secure as possible and has the most convenient experience for any use case.

Mobile applications (iOS/Android) are used by musketeers - people who respond to the emergency and/or create the emergency in the app requesting help from others.

Cprime Studios Clients - Helpers Musketeers

First social network dedicated to personal safety that builds real life communities and promotes proactive safety by allowing users to ask for assistance from people around in case of distress


Easy user registration and fast emergency creation
Chat in an emergency with multimedia features such as recording/uploading audio or video messages
Map with real-time tracking of the requester’s and responder’s locations
Ability to enroll in the training mode for users
Accounts allowing to manage incidents response in a specific area and/or by specific group of users
Web-console enabling supervisor features for Musketeer company staff to be able to help people if no one else in the nearby area is available

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