Online exercise program for orthopedic patients


Health Outcome is the first platform for patients to rate and review their treatment experiences and help find treatments that cure. Although there are 51 million surgeries conducted in the U.S. annually, there is no meaningful data on medical treatments or surgery outcomes available to patients or physicians.

The client has been actively addressing this void of outcome data with a platform built to capture the feedback of the patients and allow free information flow about successful orthopedic treatment approaches.

Cprime Studios has been hired to develop and scale the application as well as build integrations with medical facilities that want to use Health Outcome as an additional option in their treatment plans.


Thanks to the reviews from the patient community, Health Outcome currently is the largest treatment outcome database for orthopedic conditions, with over 50,000 treatment ratings and reviews.

As a result, Health Outcome users have access to a critical mass of information that provides insightful recommendations for orthopedic injury treatments, a $100 Billion industry that performs over two-million knee, hip and back surgeries in the U.S annually.

Cprime Studios Clients - Health Outcome

Provides an online exercise and coaching program for chronic orthopedic patients based on information from 40,000+ patient treatment outcome records combined with a non-invasive methodology from spine experts.


patients can find the aggregate success rate of relevant treatments for their injury or condition
For each condition, users can find all treatments patients have tried, ranked by treatment outcome ratings
Patients can personalize the ratings by filtering based on age, sex, weight, fitness level, as well as pre-existing conditions
Users have access to all treatment reviews as well as specific treatment recommendations given by either health experts or patients in the community

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