HIPAA-complaint medical media management app


The client was interested in outsourcing the development of the medical image capturing and processing.

They looked for a reliable partner for the development team with a hardcore project management approach and an extensive experience in healthcare as well as embedded software development to deliver a number of features.

Servicing multiple clinics, the system pursued the HIPAA compliance, integration of the DICOM protocol and network security approval across multiple branches of the military including the US Air Force and others.


The Cprime Studios team has provided significant improvement to the technology stack and introduced a new generation of continuous integration and deployment procedures.

The company is the first organization to sign a BAA with Microsoft to house HIPAA data on Azure and have received funding from MSFT to develop the app.

Cprime Studios Client under NDA

Solution for medical media that includes capture, storage and collaboration tools, as well as integration with EHR platforms used at ENT teaching institutions in USA as well as military hospitals.


Large scalable medical infrastructures for grabbing and storing medical assessments
Connecting doctors with the latest medical imaging and video technologies, exchanging with external systems via HL7 data format
Possibility to invite the remote doctor online for consulting purposes using DS system
Video records of the appointments
Calendar and appointments planner
Available for one workstation and for the group of users

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