Computerized System for Neurodiagnostic Device


Rimed needed a long-term software development partner to create up-to-date computerized system allowing doctors to examine blood vessels of the patient‘s brain.

Archer had to develop a new system and provide long-term support fixing bugs and implementing new requested functionality.

An operating system had to:

  • be customizable to provide users with the features they need,
  • provide the doctors with the detailed report on patient’s examination on the screen or printed,
  • be able to upload the monitoring report and media into the database with the ability to retrieve it whenever needed.


Cprime Studios developed a diagnostic solution for Neurosonology and Neurovascular labs based on a PC computer running Windows XP Embedded.

The system is designed in a modular manner to support three different “levels” of TCS equipment (Unilateral, Bilateral, and four-probe) and includes:

  • Touch Screen – directly operated from the LCD screen
  • Handy Remote Control
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

Cprime Studios provided reliable support, improved stability of the system and minimized bug appearance.

Cprime Studios Clients - Rimed

Developer, manufacturer and exporter of the 7 generations of non-invasive transcranial Doppler systems carrying all international certifications: CE, ISO 13485:2016, FDA, CFDA, ANVISA and more and being used daily in over 100 countries, mainly in neurology departments and stroke units


Modules supporting Unilateral, Bilateral and four-probe “levels” of TCS equipment
Fully portable and mobile machine enabling operation through the touch screen alone
Summary Screen enabling the immediate comparison between the right and the left sides of the brain
Final Patient Report provides a detailed and customizable comprehensive "picture" for the physician
3 different systems are supported by Archer Software
Project management, QA services and development have been at Archer’s side for 5 years

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