Virtual Banking App for Kids


Bankaroo started as a family project to help children learn how to manage their savings.
Danielle came up with the idea when she was 11 years old and helped to design, test, and market the product. His dad and a long-standing partner of Cprime Studios Etay Gafni from BrightAct helped with the technology, and mom helped with the rest.

It was important for Bankaroo to create user-friendly applications for all mobile devices so that kids with different smartphones and tablets would have the possibility to learn how to manage their money and had an equally smooth user experience.


Cprime Studios delivered native mobile applications for iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) as well as native Android mobile application for Android smartphones and tablets. Other devices (such as BlackBerry and MS phones) are supported with a mobile HTML5 application.

Today, Bankaroo has thousands of members from more than 70 countries around the globe.

Cprime Studios Clients - Bankaroo

Virtual bank for kids to help them learn how to manage their savings in a safe environment. Bankaroo is used and trusted by thousands of families, teachers and schools across the world.


Create checking, savings, and charity accounts for kids to track their allowance, gift or chore money
Ability to save up for big purchases and monitor the progress toward the goal through managing recurring activities
Multiple languages and currencies including hearts, stars, and points with the abilit to create own Saving goals
Bankaroo for schools - designed with the help of teachers and school administrators to easily manage student accounts and to teach math and financial education

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