Non-Profit Microsaving Web App


As the leading microsavings provider, EARN provides families with the tools to build wealth and achieve life-changing goals such as saving for emergencies, college, buying a first home, or starting a small business. EARN was undertaking the next phase in the development of its micro-saving web application and associated websites, web applications and web services.

The most pressing business goals included:

  • Optimization of the web application and websites to increase the number of clients conversions
  • Creating custom builds and building out enhanced features to accommodate specific partner/pilot requests, including an administrative portal for partners
  • Integrating the systems with other organizations’ APIs
  • Evaluating and improving existing database structure and design
  • Improving data access for relevant stakeholders, including internal staff and external partners
  • Maintaining systems to ensure dependability and security
  • Launching a mobile app version of the product in IOS and Android


Cprime Studios provided a team of qualified engineers to deliver the project. Lead Technical Architect managed system design, made technological decisions and provided technical guidelines and specification to the development team.

Over the last couple of years, Cprime Studios has built numerous custom products and deep integration with 3rd party services to collect comprehensive data about users.
Now the system processes requests from 137000 users and dozens of millions transactions.

Cprime Studios Clients - SaverLife

SaverLife was originally founded in 2001 as EARN, the nonprofit innovative leader in the asset building field, creating a robust Individual Development Account program and one of the US first children’s savings programs. In 2017, EARN launched SaverLife, a free online platform designed to help working Americans change their savings habits and gain better control of their financial future.


Improved performance of the web applications built using Python and the Django framework with an asynchronous part written with Aiohttp framework
Security of the FinTech application ensured by HTTPS, encrypted data and following the OWSAP standards
System built using REST API and hosted at Amazon Web Services
webhooks and async methods for the most complex integrations, like receiving user bank transactions, sending email notification, etc.

Success stories