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Leaderscape, previously known as True Balance Desktop - an application for gathering and analyzing company values and risks, wanted to implement design changes that would enable a more accurate, timely, and reliable visualization of the data.

Most leaders rely heavily on financial and operational metrics which yield important, yet limited, insights into their organizations. With True Balance Desktop executives could get a better idea of what’s really behind the numbers. By facilitating interviews with company personnel, the application helped users in the identification of organizational weaknesses, especially when it comes to human resources and management.

The enhancement of the user experience and design was needed to foster user retention and provide more profound insights into the organization's dynamics.


Cprime Studios revitalized an application while at the same time preserving, and streamlining its essential functionality.

After the redesign, our experts implemented changes in True Balance’s data processing that simplifies the output and makes it easier to identify trends and patterns in the data. That, in turn, empowers leaders to anticipate change and thereby make better business decisions.

Cprime Studios Clients - Leaderscape

Business transformation platform that measures the soft stuff enabling businesses to quantify the effectiveness of people, leadership, culture and communication and dramatically increase enterprise value with measurable certainty.



Ability to create custom interviews
Ability to create personal questionnaires with an interview designer
View and analyze general poll results
Access to the poll results of each interviewee
Ability to download PivotTables with poll results
Building graphs based on poll results to evaluate company performance

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