Brand assets management system


As marketing processes grew in quality and complexity a need for Brand Asset Management system became more and more evident in JPMorgan Chase.

A brand asset is any digital document that is used in the company's marketing activities and for brand promotion. The bigger and older the company gets, the more assets have to be stored and maintained. If the database is not properly organized or the marketing team does not have easy access to it and has to spend hours finding the right copy of the right document, their efforts are wasted and the marketing activities are losing their efficiency.


Web-based application that implements Brand Asset Management system for annotating, cataloguing, storage and retrieval of digital assets is now being used by almost 1000 company’s marketing managers.

JPMorgan Chase’s marketing budget dropped 8% due to the usage of BAM.
The admin time that was previously lost while simply working with the documents and files has now decreased by 50% allowing Brand Managers to do more in less time and with fewer efforts.

Cprime Studios Clients - JPMorgan Chase

One of the oldest global financial services firm with a presence in over 100 markets and with over 250,000 employees. A leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers and small businesses, commercial banking, financial transaction processing and asset management.


Effective optimization of digital assets: microsites content, media, text, pdf files, etc.
Ability to leverage information comprehension, productivity, partnerships and client relationships
Enabling effective content management with the overall costs and efforts decrease
System backup and monitoring, database maintenance, DNS maintenance
System or user software and hardware installation, configuration, updating and upgrading
Ongoing search and study of the existing solutions to incorporate best-in-class features

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