Route Management for Service Coverage


Cantaloupe Systems hired Cprime Studios to develop Seed Pro – a powerful data analytics tool that could aggregate the data from the vending machines and provide operators with instructions for: which machines to visit and which products to replenish, which planogram should be implemented and which machines need to be repaired.

The solution had to include two components: 1) the sensors installed in the vending machines to track parameters and wirelessly transfer the data to the manager; 2) the BI app that can be accessed from a laptop or any mobile device.


Cprime Studios has created 4 main vending machine route management solutions for Cantaloupe – Seed 2 (Aeon), Seed Root, Seed Management, and Seed Sync – and delivered 20 service projects including DB backup manager, DB version manager, and Web Commander.

Cantaloupe Systems has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the USA. Around 80,000 machines spread all over the world are managed by Cantaloupe Systems solutions.

Cprime Studios Clients - Cantaloupe Systems

Premier provider of cloud-based SaaS, IoT technologies that delivers an integrated end-to-end solutions for cashless payments, dynamic route scheduling, automated pre-kitting , merchandising and inventory management for the unattended retail space


Automatic prioritization of the machines to be serviced and service scheduling based on real-time demand
Calculating exact quantity of items for replenishment for each machine reducing
Intelligent Merchandising and planograms optimzation for each machine
At-machine Price Management to match the actual prices with desired ones
Operators alert about bills/coins jams and machines with no-sales
Protection against theft, power outages, etc., through real-time email and SMS alerts
Adjusting par levels to prevent out of stocks, reduce spoils, and extend service intervals
Replenishment control and inventory management to balance inventory accuracy with driver efficiency
Managing market sections (e.g., drinks vs. food) and ability to add them across routes

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