Full distribution & delivery cycle platform


GetPackage was building a sharing economy platform that would enable interaction between businesses, private senders, couriers and receivers and needed a reliable outsourcing partner to build the whole set of web and mobile applications so that:

  • Users could sign up, create a delivery, hire the courier and track and get notified about the delivery status,
  • Couriers could join GetPackage, accept the orders to fulfill deliveries against their own time schedule and location.

The system had to support mobile and web interfaces for the different users and use cases:

  • mobile application (native solutions for Android and iOS),
  • website,
  • web interface for senders and businesses,
  • and custom admin panel.


GetPackage team started with 7 developers and grew into a team of 33 members from Cprime Studios: 2 PMs, CTO, 7 QA engineers, 10 back-end developers, 6 native developers, 2 DevOps, 4 front-end developers and a business analyst.

GetPackage has raised a total of $2M in funding over a seed round on Apr 9, 2018.

Now GetPackage serves over 1,000 deliveries per day.

Archer's Clients_GetPackage

Unique delivery platform that provides the whole distribution & delivery cycle provided through a dedicated web panel (mostly used by B2B customers), Android & iOS applications and API integration for connecting E-commerce websites directly


Administrative portal - web client for GetPackage administrators of other portals
Landing portal - web portal automating the main flows: registration as a sender, courier, business; ordering of delivery
Enterprise portal - web client for registered corporate user who can order deliveries on behalf of a company
Web-sender portal - web client for registered user who orders a delivery service
iOS & Android Sender application for individual senders and businesses
iOS & Android Courier application used as the couriers' work tool

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