Driving Behavior Monitoring Solution


GreenRoad needed a reliable outsourcing partner to join the ongoing development of the GreenRoad's web service for 3PL operators to improve fleet costs, productivity and fleet safety.
Utilizing the latest telematics technologies, Cprime Studios had to develop multiple features for the GreenRoad solutions for tracking vehicles, analyzing and improving drivers' performances to advance the overall quality of the products.


The GreenRoad solution includes: the tracking device installed in a car called GreenBox, a web management platform and a mobile application. An additional seatbelt sensor and RFID or magnetic key can be included.

GreenBox tracks and transmits to the web application the speed of a vehicle, analysis of driving modes, environmental impact, idle time.

Cprime Studios Clients - GreenRoad

Global leader in driver behavior technology, provides highly effective fleet driver safety and compliance solutions. GreenRoad solution employs advanced real-time, in-vehicle feedback and change management methodologies to promote meaningful, lasting change in driver behavior.


Real-time, in-vehicle feedback on aggressive driving and speeding
Real-time vehicle tracking
Idling and speed management
Configurable dashboards and reports
Real-time alerts
Easy access through smartphone or tablet

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