Cross-platform apps with ML features for food delivery service


MomentoFood is a brand new delivery service company that wanted to create a digital marketplace for restaurants to be able to deliver their food to their customers without developing their own apps or hiring couriers.
The company needed a reliable partner that could go beyond building a set of mobile applications with pretty common functionality for food delivery services. MomentoFood plans on extending the functionality of the system with Machine Learning capabilities to generate user-specific recommendations, enable demand predictability, and automatic dispatching based on couriers' locations and order distribution. Cprime Studios' team is a trusted development partner for mobile apps and the fleet management system.


Cprime Studios' Business Analysts together with MomentoFood stakeholders have put together the requirements for the apps and fleet managing solutions. The mobile development team has built the first release of the food marketplace against these requirements.

The company has launched its operations in one city in the summer of 2020. The team now can validate the performance and features usability faster and be more flexible during the next development phases by having direct and prompt user feedback.

The MomentoFood platform is an easy-to-use and profitable marketing and lead generation channel for restaurants. The company has also launched a robust system to manage its own courier fleet and deliver orders from restaurants with special attention to the cost-efficiency index.

Cprime Studios Client - MomentoFood

Brand new delivery service that will bring food from your favorite place to your home


Product catalogue is now managed by MomentoFood admins; the app for restaurants is planned to be delivered in August 2020
Geolocation feature to discover the location of the client, restaurant and the nearest driver is available and will be extended with ML features for better delivery cost and time control
The in-app payment is available and checkout is an easy and user-friendly process
The courier management algorithm is programmed to solve the classic Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) and find the shortest path through a number of locations
The marketplace includes Intellectual Recommendation (without ML feature so far) allowing the users to have meals recommended based on their order history
Demand predictability is yet to be developed Machine Learning capabilities that will enable smart order distribution and on the go route re-calculation when new orders enter the system

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