Autotronics Training Lab for Technicians


The major American automotive manufacturers needed a system which would provide hands-on training for high-quality autotronics technicians. They asked Degem Systems to create a computer-integrated laboratory for automotive training.

Degem hired Cprime Studios was to provide integrated software and hardware for motor mechanics emulators and to develop and test the software for the learning course.


Cprime Studios, together with Degem Systems, has developed the AT-2000 system for technical training in autotronics.

Cprime Studios provided project management, system analytics services and embedded programming services. As a result, a high-quality training simulator was created.

The simulator, which is integrated with a PC, represents a car dashboard. It reacts to students' actions in a variety of car diagnostics and analyzes the student’s learning progress.

Cprime Studios Clients - Degem Systems

Developer, producer and supplier of courseware and hardware training system products for industry professionals in a wide variety of disciplines including electronics, communications, automotive, science & technology, industrial automation and others fields


Linking the individual student workstations, simulators and demonstrators and a real car with an integrated central instructor control station
Simulator integrated with a PC and representing a car dashboard
Assessment of the students' actions in a variety of car diagnostics
Analyzing and evaluating the student’s learning progress

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