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Product development background

Development from Scratch

Jump-start product development from a concept and transform your idea into a stable and scalable app with our purpose-built development teams.

Our core development team has delivered over 650+ products for companies across the globe. We are your big guns leveraging more than 60 programming languages and 30 frameworks covering frontend, backend, mobile native and hybrid development, embedded and IoT solutions. And we’re big fans of the Proof of Concept so that no money or resources are wasted on the impossible.

$ idea > actions

# where to start when all you have is a concept?

Business analysis

Analyze your competitive landscape to discover the market opportunities and capacity, the challenges your buyers face, and the features they crave.

UI/UX design

Design meaningful experiences and streamlined interaction models for your users through prototyping, wireframes, etc.

Proof of concept

Create fast and raw tech prototypes to eliminate the biggest tech risks or analyze the product idea to identify shortfalls and ensure the feasibility and viability of the business.

Localization & UI translation

Facilitate your market expansion and boost user engagement by providing localized interfaces for your web, mobile UI, and in-app content translation.

Product Roadmapping

Generate and validate use cases, prioritize your product's feature list, elaborate implementation timeline, and ultimate evolution roadmap.

development from scratch background

$ product roadmap * code /

# How to transform idea into a bug-free code?

Mobile development

Build device-agnostic cross-platform apps with smooth user interaction ensuring quick adoption and high engagement.

Web development

Engage best-of-breed developers to build cloud-based high-load web applications and a well-thought-out user experience.

Embedded development

Develop software for high-tech embedded devices and IoT-enabled products focusing on sustainability, scalability, and performance.

Quality Assurance

Ensure your product’s errorless operation through functional, non-functional, load, performance and penetration testing, manual, automated, and agile testing.

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Integrations & Data Migration

Create an integrated digital ecosystem and seamless data flows for operational excellence, transform processes and stop struggling with the systems your company has outgrown.

We help you customize and integrate your out-of-the-box solutions, custom-built software, and devices. We'll make sure that the data you need for successful business operations is up to date, in sync, and available for the right people on your team.

$ touch data.txt

# how to build a seamless digital ecosystem?

Software Configuration

Adapt your out-of-the-box solutions to fit your unique processes best, configure and build over the default functionality with custom features.

Solution Integration and APIs

Connect digital solutions to support your processes, configure the APIs using integration tools to streamline the operations across the team.

Data Migration

Transfer the data from your legacy systems to the new solutions that better fit your changing requirements and business needs.

Data Integration

Set up data flows running smoothly from system to system, blend and merge the data to support your decision-making process.

integrations and migrations background

System Modernization

Grow your software at pace with your business needs, get rid of the solutions that slow down your performance and compromise flexibility.

Our development teams have been in the high-tech market for over 20 years, we have seen the technologies rise and become obsolete with time. We know how to facilitate the transformation for you and your team ensuring no data is lost and no process is messed up along the path.

$ mv System.old

# how to maintain stability and efficiency?

Legacy Transformation

Gradually re-build the mature IT systems to stay in tune with the increasing dynamics of your business environment and the complexity of the processes.

Technology Migration

Move your software from outdated technologies to modern frameworks or upgrade your systems within the same tech stack to ensure consistency of your business development.

system modernization background