Our Values

Our Values

We are open, ambitious and motivated. Cprime Studios is an international team that develops software products and provides technical consulting services.

We are open, ambitious and motivated. Cprime Studios is an international team that develops software products and provides technical consulting services.

The strong foundation of the company includes values ​​based on partnership and open communication with management, trusting relationships among team members and constant progress in the best traditions of Agile project management.

Thanks to a strong and cohesive team, Cprime Studios has won client trust, including Volvo, Renault, Smartling, Medoc and Bankaroo. And after merging with Cprime, we became part of the IT projects Atlassian, Tesla, Slack, Oracle, GitLab and Workato.

Let us share why nearly 200 tech specialists choose us as their employer.

| Cprime Studios — exciting projects and open people. You work to achieve a common goal and improve the product, not just 8 hours for reporting. It motivates. (QA manager)

| Cprime Studios is a trustworthy and stable company with an excellent transformation experience. The company takes care of all its employees at every stage. (VP Business Development Manager)

| Cprime Studios is working on the complete project implementation cycle: from hypothesis validation to product launch. And there is always prompt communication and healthy relationships. (Product Manager)

| Сprime Studios — first of all, atmosphere and high culture. I like that nothing stands still, everything is transformed and improved, and most importantly - the company harmoniously implements changes and takes care of us. (Business Development Manager)

Cprime Studios - Our Values

We believe that ideas matter

Our goal is to always listen to the needs of our employees. You can count on support, constructive feedback, advice and help. You also can count on shared knowledge and expertise from the rest of our teams working on another project. Be honest, talk about your needs and don’t be afraid of mistakes.

We value

Connected learning

Get the skills which are needed to achieve personal goals and ones that will be in demand in a dynamic IT environment.

Cprime Learning will help you to achieve this with more than 300 practical courses in the following areas: Agile, Business Analysis, Cloud & IT Services, Cybersecurity, Data & Analytics, DevOps, Product Management, Project & Program Management, SAFe, Scrum and more.

The team's interests are not only limited to professional areas. Every month we meet with experts and discuss current topics in psychology, culture, history, social responsibility, etc.


To realize ambitious goals and change the world for the better, you need to keep a balance. We provide the opportunity to choose a flexible schedule to combine work and personal interests.

Online corporate or global retreat meetings in America, lectures for the whole family and film screenings, educational webinars, or informal networking are all available to employees. You don't need to choose one thing, because it's all about our joint vocation.


The company has created an environment where everyone is passionate about their work, receives timely feedback and knows that they are an important part of the achievements of Cprime Studios. We see and reward everyone's efforts and provide opportunities for self-realization on large-scale projects for global companies.

Support and care

Cprime Studios is your point of support in any circumstance. We build long-term working relationships and listen to the needs of each employee. No matter where you work, you can always count on support, feedback, recommendations and help. Join our team and learn more about the opportunities at Сprime Studios!