Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility

Cprime Studios is a global company with high standards, loyal partners and customers, and most importantly, corporate values with great social responsibility.

Throughout the company's long history, we have always made business decisions by analyzing not only the short-term results, but also the potential long-term impact of our actions on business and social environments.

The efforts of Cprimers are united with common values, and together we implement the following social projects:

our responsibility
  • Programs for kids

Work is important, but family comes first. Adhering to this key value, in partnership with the participants of the IT Dnipro Community, we opened a kindergarten called the Children's Space. Parents can enroll their 3- to 7-year-olds to let their children grow up with harmony and love.

Thanks to the Hug Me charitable foundation, we have joined the development of the Mother and Child Centre for orphans.

CSR_Children charity

New parents have an opportunity to receive paid childcare leave for both mothers and fathers. Employees can choose a flexible work schedule to spend more time with the family.

Archer CSR Maternity Paternity leave

We are co-authors of the STEM Coalition Ukraine memorandum, written by us and 12 other companies that support gender equality and equal employment opportunities in the Ukrainian IT industry.

Archer CSR Gender equality in IT

We run free training webinars on social responsibility, digital hygiene, equal rights, personal finance and sex education for children of employees.

Archer CSR Social education

Cprime Studios supports the Pet Friendly Place project, which informs pet owners about offices, shops, caf├ęs and restaurants where pets are allowed.

For those who can't imagine life without their pets, we offer pet-friendly offices. Our multi-functional spaces make it possible to bring pets to work without interfering with colleagues and adding fun to the day.

Archer CSR Pet-friendly initiatives

This community offers opportunities for the development of the IT industry in Dnipro. Cprime Studios is one of the co-founders and proactive members. Together we drive IT education, initiate infrastructure development, support the business ecosystem and establish communication with foreign partners.

Archer CSR IT Dnipro Community

Cprime Studios is a member of theIT Ukraine association, which unites the interests of business, government and international partners in the development of the IT industry. Together we defend the interests of business and create a powerful voice for Ukraine as a leading technology provider.

Archer CSR IT Ukraine Association

We actively support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Cprime donates money to help the army, colleagues on the home front are involved in volunteering to combat cyber warfare and fight the enemy in the digital space. Members of our team serve in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defence Forces and take up arms to defend our country and repel the enemy.

Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine