Build resilient infrastructure.

infrastructure development background

Technological Audit

Ensure your product relies on the appropriate tech stack, database configuration, efficient cloud infrastructure and could be easily adjusted to any business needs, market trends, and your plans for future growth.

We are not restricted to any technology: most of our in-house DevOps engineers work with different environments and tools (AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.) simultaneously. For those more niche technologies, we hire employees upon request. 

$ env

# how to create a reliable solution architecture?

System analysis and design

Create an efficient app architecture, elaborate requirements to system architecture and performance following industry standards to establish a scalable and secure development framework

Cloud infrastructure configuration

Build a foundation for easily scalable infrastructure, configure the virtual environment to match your needs: operating system, development environments, web applications, databases for applications, and installations.

Architecture audit

Validate your tech stack matches the immediate and future requirements of your business, ensure the availability and scalability of all your infrastructure components

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DevOps and Infrastructure

Configure, maintain and monitor your cloud infrastructure with the help of the seasoned pros, control your investments and increase ROI.

We design infrastructure and processes following DevOps best practices. It enables us to provide faster delivery and better code quality, reduce costs, and enhance your application health.

$ infrastructure ~/.bash_profile

#how to maintain flexible and efficient cloud infrastructure?

DevOps and NetOps teams

Accelerate releases with Agile Release Train, Live Features Toggling, Blue/Green Deployment, verify infrastructure and set up monitoring, prepare for Scaling and Growth

Managed Services and Hosting

Use the benefits of one-stop-shop and delegate hosting, support, maintenance to our team, ensure smooth operations, monitor application health and cloud infrastructure efficiency

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CI/CD and QA Automation

Accelerate time-to-market, eliminate manual testing and provide your users with new features regularly.

We believe that every sprint should result in a new functionality delivered to your users. Our holistic approach - with DevOps setting a CI/CD, configuring the environments and rules for errorless deployment, and a QA team automating testing - allows you to increase the number of rollouts per month.

$ mv stage production/

# how to accelerate and advance feature rollout?

CI/CD and DevOps Tools

Configure, launch and manage your CI/CD so that at the end of each sprint, even if it takes no more than 2 weeks, you can deliver new features for your users

QA Automation

Automate routine testing scenarios, roll out new features maintaining backward compatibility, ensure errorless deployment and minimize conflicts

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