Senior NodeJS Developer

Job overview

We are looking for a Senior NodeJS Developer to join our team

New functionality development
Social media app
IOS application where new users should be active: put likes, comments, and even possible to donate money. In general, it looks like a mix of TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. The menu looks like a large mosaic, which you scroll and stop in the place where you saw the topic you need by category. Then it is possible to click on the small icon, and you get to the section of specific niches. Subjects are: sport, music, celebrities, cinema. The investor is planing to attract influencers/stars.

Hard skills / technologies:
- Non-blocking, event-driven I/O allows for a large number of simultaneous connections with high throughput.
- Well aligned with AWS server less platform Lambda which could significantly simplify maintainability of UpRoar’s environment
- Similarly to React, it is based on Type and Java scripting.

- Amazon Web Services (AWS)
- AWS is the premier cloud service which will allow us to leverage its elastic compute/services offerings that could be scaled or auto-scale as needed
- AWS offers more services than the alternatives (e.g. Azure or GCP).
- AWS services can be combined to provide solutions to difficult software engineering challenges. In UpRoar’s case, the following services are well aligned with the current or perceived roadmaps:
- AWS Rekognition, a service computer vision and facial recognition platform, could be leveraged for tagging recommendations, auto-curation of the “adult”UGC uploads or facial recognition based user authentication.
- AWS SageMaker, a service machine learning and AI platform, could be leveraged to build, train, and deploy ML models for content recommendations, personalization, “friend” or “cause” matchings, campaign performance predictions or virtually any use case that can be powered by regression, classification or clustering algos.
- AWS LS, a service location service platform which could be leveraged for campaign or content geofencing as well as search for points of interest or streamline influencer / advertiser / sponsor onboarding through its address geocoding functionality.
- AWS Blockchain, a service blockchain platform which could be leveraged for the UpRoar’s managed cryptographically verifiable NFT coin platform via Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) or for NFT content artifacts leveraging its decentralized ledger capabilities

- AWS Cognito
- Flexible and scalable
- Integrated with other AWS Services
- SDKs available for mobile, web, and API.
- If UpRoar sees a need for a passwordless authentication, Cognito doesn't have a built-in passwordless feature, but can seamlessly integrate with / migrate to Auth0

AWS DynamoDB
- Web interface provided by AWS makes developing with DynamoDB easy and fast.
- Scaling is easier than comparable relational DB alternatives at AWS.
- DynamoDB supports well structured, unstructured and semi-structured data which is ideal for a net new platform with fairly unpredictable data model requirements. All 3 types might be in scope for UpRoar as we further develop its featureset.

- S3’s high scalability, high availability, and low latency makes it an ideal match for UpRoar’s objects (photos, videos, NFT tokens, etc.) which could be organized into S3 buckets.
- S3 versioning feature would significantly springboard video editing gamification functionality or even UpRoar’s ability to overlay one’s profile photo with various frames or badges.
- S3 encryption options will add an additional layer of security for NFT content volts

We offer:
Flexible working hours
Remote job
Competitive compensation package
Regular code reviews
Regular performance reviews
Paid sick leave
Paid vacation 20 business days
Paid taxes

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