Middle Python/Node.js Developer

Job overview

We are looking for Python/Node.js Developer to join our team

Groq Health is a personalized Precision Medicine company providing its patient’s/members an individual plans for making their life healthier in a customized way.

Hard skills / technologies:
API experience is important.
Spinning up containers skill needed.
Understanding of non-relational data base.
Firebase and Reddis experience would be a plus.
Slack API experience would be a plus.
Microservices deployment using Kubertetes would be a plus.

Key Responsibilities:
Managing the appropriate states of members who are going through their health journey (the right cards should be shown to the members in their feed).
Talking to different systems.
Understanding and supporting the correct workflow of the app.
Helping clinicians who support members to monitor the flow (for the members not to be blocked, etc.).
Notifications for the members sharing with them what clinicians changed in their feed.
Integrations with the 3d parties (Oura ring, Quest).
Delivering modules that consist of challenges and advantages helping to increase the members’ engagement with the app.

We offer:
Flexible working hours.
Competitive compensation package.
Regular code reviews.
Regular performance reviews.
Paid sick leave.
Paid vacation 20 business days.
Paid taxes.

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