Devops Engineer (TMS project)

Job overview

We are looking for external support for our Traffic Management System (TMS) Norway for the DevOps Engineer with focus on software deployment

Deploying artefacts delivered by the development teams into various integration and production environments in collaboration with the IVVQ manager
- Supporting the IVVQ testers in case of problems with the running application; supporting the IVVQ testers in case of problems with the running application to fix the problem and, if necessary. Capture relevant logs
- Maintain the existing CD (Continuous Deployment) pipeline for system testing
- Continuously improve the CD environment
- Configure services such as Postgres, Redis, Rabbitmq and Keycloak
- Configure services such as PKI, NTS and LDAP
- Contribute to the improvement of the cloud environment in terms of monitoring and alerting and overall stability
- Interact with cloud support, network and the test and development team

Required qualifications:
- +4 years of experience as Devops Engineer
- Good knowledge of setting up and using Jenkins
- Good hands-on experience in scripting languages such as Groovy, Python or Bash
- Good knowledge of Nexus and Maven
- Good knowledge of Git repositories (Gerrit, BitBucket)
- Good knowledge of Linux
- Strong analytical thinking
- Independent work in a team
- Very good written and spoken English