What Is Help Desk | A Beginner's Guide to Understand All the Aspects

What Is Help Desk | A Beginner's Guide to Understand All the Aspects

The ability to get reliable and in-time help for customers struggling with your product or service is a crucial component of successful company development. People want to get the answer to their questions or support from the specialist 24/7. In many cases, the quality of this support determines the future customers' relationship with your product or service. To ensure the quality of support and help you can provide to your clients, you can use help desk software.

This article defines the essential components of help desk management and guides you through choosing the best software for customer help. Also, you can learn the benefits of using help desk software and get the best IT solutions for your business. Moreover, Cprime Studios has broad expertise in running help desk software and managing it based on customers' needs, and we will share our perspective on using help desks for business.

What Is a Help Desk?

First, we will answer the question, what is a help desk? A help desk is an advanced software for managing communication with customers that help businesses to help them faster and more efficiently. This tool ensures the best user experience for your customers. Moreover, a help desk is a centralized point for managing and handling internal and external requests.

Web help desk makes the support responses more effective because of automation of the complaint resolution process. Some businesses define a help desk as a software customers interact with when they are getting support. At the same time, this tool is usually used for much more sophisticated analytical tasks.

Some managers used to name this software service desk, but we argue that there is a difference between those two types of software. On some points, the help desk is an evolution of service desks, and it focuses more on personalized user experience.

Quite often, you can find a question "What is IT help desk" and the difference between those terms. These are similar terms for the support software solutions and outline the department that works with support issues. IT Help Desk is a technical resource for clients and customers to contact whenever problems arise with their IT services.

The following paragraphs will determine the best cases of implementing help desk software into your business processes.

The Benefits Of Implementing IT Help Desk Services

After you answer the question "What is a help desk?" the next one probably will be: "Do I need a help desk for my business?". First of all, IT help desk management benefits companies of different types and sizes and allows them to answer all customer requests quickly and without hiring many people. Next, let's discuss the essential benefits of using support software solutions and IT help desk responsibilities for achieving your business goal.

  1. Ensuite satisfaction clients. In most cases, your clients want to have an accurate and fast response to their requests to support the team. With help desk software, you can communicate with clients on any platform they choose. The program will create a ticket for every interaction with a client. It will make your communication easier.
  2. Collect the data for fast response. The program ensures appropriate and accurate data collection every time your clients reach the support. This data helps to navigate the information more productively, as it will record and capture the data even when clients did not request help but have some issues interacting with your products.
  3. Provide continuous communication. The help desk software allows clients and employees to check the status of each ticket and track the process of solving the issue. It makes you a more reliable business provider, as clients see how their requests are managed.
  4. Learn more about your clients. The analytical functions of the help desk software allow you to get insights into clients' behavior on your website. Tagging and analytics provide a more clear and overarching view of your clients' needs and expectations. As a result, you can add some features or improve the processes to make your product more efficient for clients.

How Does Help Desk Can Improve Team Productivity?

When you answer what is a help desk, you need to realize that this software also improves your team productivity instead of other benefits for client interaction. This tool can be an effective solution for building a more efficient team based on the following possible ways of implementing this software for team productivity:

  • Automate workflow. You can save time when the system automatically assigns tickets for special team members based on their language, time, or priority.
  • Automate responses. The other way of keeping your time is to set up auto-responses for questions or issues already solved. You can also use automation if you need to respond to a few same messages or set up a support message for weekends or outages.
  • Internal documentation. You can use this function to share the experience between team members. This inner knowledge base can become a place for sharing insights and discussion of problematic issues.
  • Solving problems in context. The software allows you to add some specialists to the tickets who will help with a point. These new specialists will get all the context on the problem and all previous communication with the clients. This option allows employees to collaborate and be more productive and effective in managing requests.

What is help desk software? This question looks easy to answer, but you also need to figure out that there are different types of the help desk. To define what software you need to use, you need to learn from every kind of help desk software.

On-premise help desk. In this case, the company hosts the software, controls it, and has full responsibility for its maintenance.

Web help desk. This is a subscription model of using the software. This help desk can be cloud-based or software-as-a-service (SaaS), and in fact, companies rent the tech solution for its needs.

Open source help desk. For this type of software, developers do not need a user license to access the source codes. This type of software is easier to modify and improve based on your business needs.

Enterprise help desk. This software has a set of standard functions for managing clients' requests and includes some customized features that improve company efficiency.

Who Can Use a Help Desk?

You answered the question: what is a help desk, and you already know that you need it for your business. Let's discuss how this software can be efficiently implemented for different business types.

Small businesses

When you run a small business, you can not make any mistakes in communication with customers. It would help if you were accurate with any request, call, or other interaction, as a good customer experience can help your business grow. You can use help desk software to manage all the communication, get to know more about your clients, and increase the level of commitment.


In enterprises, you can use a help desk to manage the clients' requests and cooperate with other departments that are not a part of the support team. For big corporations, this software can also serve as an analytic tool. Big companies usually have a lot of requests every day, and they need to automate the process to be more efficient in supporting the clients.

How To Choose the Right Help Desk Software For Your Business?

Finally, after you decide to implement help desk software for your business, the most frequently asked question is how to choose the best one for your company's needs? To select the best software, you need to focus on the following characteristics.

  • The cost of the software. It would help if you defined how much you can spend monthly on help desk software. Also, you need to analyze how your company and support department will grow. If you spend $50 monthly for two people, it can be effective for the company. But if your company is going to increase the number of products and a support team, it can be more effective to choose another type of subscription.
  • The quality of the ticket system. The next point is a support ticket you get when your clients report an issue. Tickets are interactive records that ensure access to the problem by multiple agents. It helps to track, manage, respond or prioritize customer issues. You need to define what features you need to include in the ticket.
  • The efficiency of analytics tools. Help desk software is a source of analytical data for your company. You need to ensure that the program collects and analyses the data you need for business development. You can get great insights from interaction with customers, but you need to know what to track.
  • Existence of consumer feedback. Good help desk solution allows you to get feedback from your clients on interaction with the support team. Only in this case will you be able to improve the software or team performance.
  • Ability to integrate with other apps. The next point of using software for client support is integrating this software with other services. You do need software that will work in an isolated environment. It would be best if you combined it with other apps and programs your company uses. The integration allows you to manage increasing endpoints, deployment models, or users. Many factors can influence the choice of the proper integration, such as budget, integration capabilities, or developer skills.
  • Mobile support. Nowadays, all software solutions should have a mobile version to be effective. In most cases, your support team will work from the desktop version, but it does not mean that you do not require a mobile version. Mobile allows you to track the issues or connect with a specialist who can be out of the office but still help with a problem. Also, it can be effective in case you use IT help desk outsourcing, as you will be able to control the tickets anytime and from any device.
  • Easy to use. Almost all ready software solutions have a free trial. You can check how easy it is to use the software. If you will need developers, engineers, or DevOps to help with some support issues, it is better to ask them to test the software's usability. It will be challenging to provide a fast and efficient response to client issues if the software is challenging to navigate.

Moreover, the best advice in choosing IT help desk software is to focus on your business goals and define your strategy for managing the support team. It will help you choose the right software and ensure that you will achieve your business aims.

Final Thoughts

This article answers the fundamental question on help desk software, such as "What is a help desk?", "What is help desk software?" and "What is help desk support?" Moreover, you can learn more about choosing the right help desk and how you can grow your business with effective communication with clients. Cprime Studios has broad experience in running and managing help desks for different types of companies. If you still have a question about help desks or need to discuss your issues, you can contact our specialists.