What AWS DevOps Is and Why You Should Consider it for Your App Development

What AWS DevOps Is and Why You Should Consider it for Your App Development

Let’s find out more about AWS DevOps as a viable practice. Implementing DevOps into the process of your software development is a smart and cost-effective solution. To leverage the power of combining development and operations into a holistic process, you have to use the right set of tools. Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be a solution for increasing DevOps efficiency.

What Is AWS DevOps

To better understand what is AWS DevOps, let’s look at both concepts separately.

DevOps stands for combining the development and operational processes into a single, logical and collaborative flow with the aim of improving a product’s quality at each of the development stages, getting more flexibility, enhancing security and shortening the time to market.

AWS is Amazon Web Services. It is the wide range of cloud solutions and other tools developed by Amazon and provided to the businesses as Software or Infrastructure as a Service (SaaS or IaaS) model, depending on the solution and the business goals the company has when it decides to get started with Amazon services.

Combined together, AWS DevOps means using the tools provided by Amazon for the DevOps processes. In practice, an AWS DevOps engineer can access AWS tools that will help them streamline continuous development, continuous deployment, and continuous delivery; optimize testing processes with the help of AWS testing tools and store the source code in a secure way.

What’s more, using DevOps on AWS is a time and cost-effective decision since the cloud solutions offered by Amazon are quite diverse and flexible. In addition to the opportunity to perfectly tailor the service to the current business needs, you can also choose the most convenient pricing model depending on the capacity and computing power you need. Using AWS DevOps also allows for more flexibility and better scaling.

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What Are the Basics for AWS DevOps

When used right, AWS and DevOps are a perfect match in the process of custom software development. Below are the most essential practices for effective DevOps with AWS.

  • CI/CD. Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is one of the core principles of DevOps as a practice. Continuous integration means that each part of the project is frequently revised, tested, and validated before being integrated, and continuous delivery becomes possible with DevOps AWS automation tools.
  • Infrastructure automation. This approach stands for the necessity of testing the code frequently and automatically to ensure continuous delivery and continuous integration.
  • Monitoring and logging. AWS DevOps is a highly automated process, but the system needs control and monitoring by an AWS DevOps professional.
  • Communication and collaboration. This approach is at the heart of DevOps as a culture and it means joining the efforts of the developers, testers and DevOps specialists in the process of custom web app development and sharing their responsibility for the final result.

AWS DevOps Tools

AWS DevOps can be an effective practice because Amazon offers a wide range of cloud solutions for deploying and managing applications in secure and flexible environments. Below is a list of the most frequently used AWS DevOps tools.

  • AWS Cloud Development Kit. As the name suggests, this is a cloud-based platform for application development and source provisioning.
  • AWS CodeBuild. This is one of the AWS DevOps services for continuous integration.
  • AWS CodeDeploy. This is one of the AWS deployment tools that allow a DevOps developer to automate software deployments to different environments, for example, to other clouds or on-premise servers.
  • AWS CodeStar. This is an all-in-one AWS DevOps solution that a DevOps engineer can use to develop, build and deploy applications on AWS.
  • AWS Device Farm. This is a must-have AWS DevOps tool for the process of custom mobile development because it helps QA specialists, DevOps consultants and testers test a mobile application in different virtual environments to find out how it will perform on different devices and in different browsers.

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AWS DevOps Architecture

AWS DevOps architecture can be tailored to the needs of your project development. The set of tools, platforms and capabilities depends on the AWS DevOps solution you choose. For example, if you use AWS Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2, your architecture will be built on the following resources.

  • Load balancing. This is a virtual network that distributes and balances traffic between several available web server resources.
  • Amazon CloudFront is responsible for dynamic and static content delivery.
  • Amazon Security Group. This is the set of tools that allows you to set up security features and requirements.
  • Elastic Caches perform the task of cloud cache memory management.
  • Amazon Relational Database Service. It is used for setting up cloud-based relational databases and managing their operations.
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service. This solution enables safe data storage with the opportunity to manage access.


Using Amazon Web Services for DevOps processes is a smart solution. Still, you have to configure your DevOps infrastructure in such a way as to make it as effective for your project development as possible.

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Each of the above methods of analyzing business ideas is effective and can be used for almost any industry. It would be wise to take advantage of each method before deciding whether to develop a product.

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