Testing product feasibility through proof of concept

Proof of concept template

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about key aspects of the Proof of concept phase. We will give you the understanding of the basic frameworks and tools your company can use to test the feasibility of a new product.


  • When and why should you do the POC phase? When you don’t need to use it and what can substitute it?
  • How to set your Proof of Concept up for success? What does it take to get prepared for the phase?
  • How to arrange an efficient collaboration between marketing and development teams during POC?
  • Steps of the POC phase: how to smooth the process and streamline your team's efforts
  • Framework and artifacts to help you track and evaluate the progress of the POC
  • How to translate the results of the POC into an actionable roadmap for product development?


Dmitry Orel

Product and Delivery Manager, Cprime Studios

With over 10 years of managing various product development and teams, Dima has accumulated an enormous knowledge base and a unique approach to building custom software solutions. He led numerous Agile transformations for companies like Mulesoft and helped companies like B2Lead develop engaging, stable, useful, and usable applications. Dmitry manages full-cycle software development from the Product design phase working closely with UI/UX, Marketing, and Business Analysts teams to Architecting and building web, mobile, and embedded applications and Solutions scaling.


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