Product Backlog: How to Create One and Manage Effectively

Ebook - Product backlog management

Product Backlog is a general picture of the project, its roadmap defining the long-term view of the software product the team is building. To make your way to successful product smooth and to avoid obstacles, you have to pay maximum attention to product backlog building.

And the most important principle here is constant focusing on a BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE, the OBJECTIVE to be achieved by the product being built, the VALUE to be brought to the users. We recommend to use functionality or features decomposition approach when defining product backlog items (PBIs). This approach allows for finding the connection between business goals and development tasks.

The ebook includes answers to the following questions:

  • How can you make your product log effective?
  • What tools and procedures can streamline your product log creation?
  • What are the steps of Product Backlog Planning?
  • Is there a difference in Product Backlog management in SCRUM and Kanban?

The ebook offers a bonus Prioritization Guide inside!

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