Patient-Centered Care: Building Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) System from Scratch

Cprime Studios webinar - Patient-Centered Care: Building Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) System from Scratch

Remote Patient Monitoring and self-service portals are disrupting digital healthcare with unprecedented patient-centered care delivery. In our next webinar, we will explore the efficient ways to build a remote patient monitoring system from scratch and integrate it with various medical and non-medical wearable devices to advance healthcare services.

Remote patient monitoring systems enable accumulating data on the patient's well-being 24/7 while also providing the clinician with full access to the information at any given moment or even alerting the doctor to check on the patient when it is needed the most.

Custom medical wearables, non-medical smartwatches, and fitness trackers minimize the trouble the patient has to take to provide the input. Together these components of the RPM leverage the chronic disease monitoring and treatment, provide an enormous amount of data for domains like mental health, which could have never been obtained before.

We’ve asked Vladimir Tutov, Head of R&D, PMP, Сprime Studios, and CPO at Bicovery - Machine Learning powered solution that monitors the emotional and physical state of people living with bipolar disorder - to tell us more about the challenges and best practices of building an efficient remote monitoring app. Vladimir is an experienced project and product manager with a technical background, having delivered 30+ software development projects using modern frameworks and approaches: PMBoK, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Management 3.0.


  • Overview of RPM solutions application and use cases
  • Where to start: Defining and validating goals, users, and features of a Remote Monitoring System (RPM)
  • Technologies and architecture of a secure, usable, user-centered, scalable telehealth solution
  • Key aspects of integration with medical wearable devices and non-medical wearable tech
  • Working with health IT vendors: how to manage the value, timeline, and budget of custom software development.