Online Discussion: Beginner's guide to remote teams management

Archer Blog - Beginner's guide to remote team management

The universal lockdown has pushed many businesses to rapid digitalization while also making them face the challenges of managing remote employees lacking experience in this at the same time. Having two decades of successful remote workforce management we have invited our seasoned Project Managers to discuss the best practices for distributed teams.

Online Discussion Agenda

Process management for remote employees management

  • Offline vs. online processes: embracing the differences and leveraging the advantages
  • Do's and Dont's in monitoring team's working progress
  • Performance: how to ensure meeting deadlines, quality control and focus
  • Risks of the team working remotely: how to find, evaluate and mitigate them

Communication in distributed teams

  • Daily, weekly and monthly communication routines for smooth communication in a distributed team
  • How to avoid miscommunication, and build the culture of self-motivation, accountability, and buddy care
  • How to make sure everyone's available as if they are sitting next to each other

Software and tools for remote team management

  • Tasks tracking
  • Work monitoring
  • Communication
  • Performance assessment


Brian Katz - VP Business Development, Cprime Studios

The leader in technology sales and business development for 15 years, has worked for start-ups to enterprise-level companies across industries, has successfully managed remote teams both domestically and internationally

Vlad Tutov - Senior Project Manager, PMP, Cprime Studios

Project and product manager (7+ years) with a technical background (software development, 5 years), experienced in PMBoK, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Management 3.0

Dmitriy Kostaryev - Project Manager, Cprime Studios

Project manager (10 years +) with sales experience, Kanban, Scrum, Lean, working with different types of projects, especially with remote and distributed teams in web software development, IoT, equipment, etc.