How to validate a product idea and build an engaging mobile app

Online Discussion - How to validate a product idea and build an engaging mobile app

For our next online discussion, we’ve invited Mathieu Shepard, the founder of the PopDesk, a mobile app connecting Workforce to Workspace, to talk about his experience of validating the product idea and launching a startup in 2020.

From 2020 to 2027 mobile app market is anticipated to grow at an annual growth rate of 11.5%. Gaming, music and entertainment apps, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, mHealth and fitness apps, social networking, retail, delivery, e-commerce, and numerous on-demand apps have had an extreme boost with growing internet access. And 2020 with its general trend of switching from offline to online has only accelerated this growth.

We believe that despite the restraints, now is the high time to start your mobile app development. This is why, we've invited Mathieu Shepard, the founder of the PopDesk app, to the online discussion to share his experience of building and launching the mobile app startup in 2020.

The PopDesk app - @popdeskapp - an app enabling to find, compare and book workspaces on-demand in the world’s most inspiring coworking centers, is coming to the App and Google Play Stores in January 2021. Cprime Studios takes pride in being a technological partner assisting the PopDesk team in launching and developing their product.


Join us to discuss the best practices for a startup to research and validate the idea and start mobile app development

  • Defining mobile app idea and if the problem it solves is in demand
  • Studying users’ needs and expectations
  • Conducting gap analysis to compare the concept with the existing solutions
  • Understanding the target audience and potential customers
  • Evaluating market niche and capacity
  • Testing feasibility for a startup business model
  • Selecting the features for the MVP development
  • Planning the timeline of the development
  • Balancing the value against the cost of the product development


Mathieu Schepard, Founder and CEO, PopDesk

Mathieu has spent his career on the marketing, sales, and business development end of the flexible workspace industry, having held senior-level positions with the City Space Suites (which he co-founded), Tech Space, Silver Suites at 4 and 7 World Trade Center, and Servcorp at 1 World Trade Center.

Dima Vinichenko, Project Manager, Cprime Studios

For the last decade, Dmitry has been managing digital solutions development on Cprime Studios' side for healthcare, automotive, fintech, eCommerce, and other companies building robust native and cross-platform mobile applications leveraging the technological capabilities of the mobile devices for the benefit of users.