How to organize an efficient development process to build the automotive solution

Archer Blog - efficient development process to build the automotive solution

Software development projects are tough to manage and deliver the desired value in time and against budget. It gets even harder if the digital product design and development is not your core competence. Watch our recent webinar covering the best practices of software development for automotive industries.


  • How to develop new value-added features, engage more users and generate higher profits?
  • Case: Development of the feature preventing idle fuel consumption that helped to significantly cut costs
  • How to deal with the unforeseen technological challenges that are beyond your team's expertise?
  • Case: Road recognition app that had to solve the issues with video streaming to deliver its planned scenario
  • How to efficiently run several simultaneous development projects building solutions with unrelated scenarios?
  • Case: Large automotive manufacturer that has successfully launched 10+ experience- and purpose-built teams to run in parallel

Speaker: Alex Sharko, Chief Operating Officer, Cprime Studios

Bio: Grew from QA, Developer, System, and Business Analyst, PM, Tech Sales in the USA, to Delivery Director and COO. Cprime Studios Cost-Performance Index averages 99.6% during the last 5 years.

Delivered 50+ projects including automotive solutions development and manages to build the Cprime Studios' solutions prototypes.

Consultant in business processes configuration, strategic planning, project management and delivery, sales, and marketing. Enabled one of the clients to boost revenue by 2.4 within 2 years of consultancy.

Conducts training and workshops on Project Management, Sales, and System Analysis.