How much does it cost to make a doctor appointment app – Expert estimate

How much does it cost to make a Doctor Appointment App – Expert Estimate

Mobile technologies have changed a lot in the way companies do their businesses. This also applies to healthcare. Doctor appointment apps gain popularity in the healthcare industry as they make life easier and help patients and doctors to get and provide better care.

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The healthcare IT market grows constantly and provides some perspectives for health care organizations (HCOs), IT companies, and startups. According to Markets and Markets forecast, the healthcare IT market is to reach USD 280.25 Billion by 2021. The key drivers of the healthcare IT development market are the need to comply with regulatory requirements, the need to cut rising healthcare costs, the growing focus on improving quality of care, rising usage of Big Data analytics to name a few.

At that, the ever-growing use of smartphones and mobile devices offers great opportunities to involve mobile apps in the process of care provision. Mobile health (mHealth), which in simple words is “the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices”, is in its uptrend. According to Statista, the health and medical industry is one of the top three fields to accelerate the growth of mobile devices. The estimated global mobile health market in 2019 is 37bn USD.

People are going mobile, and the healthcare industry adopts this trend. The statistics on the mobile healthcare industry show that 52% of smartphone users get health-related information on their phones. According to the Research2Guidance report, 80% of physicians use smartphones and medical apps. 40% of physicians believe mHealth technologies can reduce the number of visits to doctors’ offices. And 93% of physicians find value in having a mobile health app connected to Emergency health.

Doctor appointment apps advantages

Doctor appointment apps are an integral part of modern health care processes. These apps are of use both for large-scale HCOs and small practices as they offer significant benefits for care providers, doctors, and patients.

The benefits for doctors and HCOs include:

  • Online presence of specialists and the possibility to give professional advice in remote or underserved areas
  • Growth of patients base
  • 24/7 access for your patients

The benefits for patients are obvious too:

  • No queues and possibility to visit a doctor at a time convenient for a patient
  • Online access to the best doctors in any specialty
  • Cost and time saving especially in remote areas

Earlier we discussed the necessary features of doctor appointment apps and gave some examples of the most popular apps in the market. Now our IT specialists will reveal some key aspects you should keep in mind when you build a doctor appointment app and try to find out an approximate price of a custom app.

How it's done: Estimating Software Development Projects

Key aspects for doctor appointment app development

We asked Dmitry Orel, Project Manager at Cprime Studios, to reveal this issue. 

When you decide that your HCO or practice needs a doctor appointment booking app you should consider some aspects, which are important to build a successful app.

You must have a clear vision of what your target audience is and what problems your app should solve. Every company has its specific requirements, goals, and specific working features so app developers must know what they want to get at the end of the development pipeline. Your goal is always an efficient, user-friendly, and relevant medical app.

Put usability in the focus. A user-centered interface and a perfect UX part will make your app commercially successful and popular with users.

Always remember that healthcare deals with protected health information (PHI) and make sure your app meets all privacy and security standards. Be aware that the certification process also takes time. Also, keep in mind that the time and cost to make a doctor appointment app is increased owing to overhead related to PHI storage and processing procedures. When creating a HIPAA compliant medical app security standards and protection of sensitive personal data is a top priority.

What is the price tag for doctor appointment app development?

We asked Vladimir Tutov, Senior Project Manager at Cprime Studios, to reveal this issue. 

The cost to make a doctor appointment app depends on its functionality, i.e. the features you want to have. Your app can be a simple one including only text messaging and doctor appointment booking or it can be a large-scale product with multiple features. It depends on your goals and your target audience.

Let’s try to figure out how much does a doctor appointment app development cost. For your convenience, we’ll make some estimates for the apps with various sets of features.


Cost to develop a full version of doctor appointment app

Your app should have the following features:

  • Online doctor appointment
  • Medicine delivery
  • Medical records storage
  • Medicine reminders
  • Blog from health experts
Sample #1 - Estimation in hours
PartSuggested TechHours
BackendJava, .NET, Python2000+
FrontendReact, Angular1500+
MobileiOS, Android1500+
 + QA, NetOps, PM, Business Analyst, UI/UX design3000+

In this case, the price tag will be around $300K. 

Cost to develop a doctor appointment app with local search

Your app features include:

  • Online appointments
  • In-app reminders
  • Map for finding doctors in your location
Sample #2 - Estimation in hours
PartSuggested TechHours
BackendPython, Node.js, PHP, Java, .NET400+
FrontendAngular, React300+
MobileHybrid, iOS, Android300+
 + QA, NetOps, PM, Business Analyst, UI/UX design500+

The price tag for this kind of app will be $50K. 

Cost to develop a doctor appointment app with conference feature

Your app features:

  • Video, audio, or text consultations
  • Provider directory with the database of verified doctors
  • In-app automated billing
Sample #3 - Estimation in hours
PartSuggested TechHours
BackendPython, Node.js, Java600+
ConferencesWebRTC platform: Webex, Asterisk, Zoom400+
MobileiOS, Android400+
 + QA, NetOps, PM, Business Analyst, UI/UX design800+

This kind of app will cost you around $100K. 


The exact cost of an app can be calculated based on the exact set of features you want to have. Our development team can create an app from scratch embedding all the features you want and complying with all safety requirements and regulations.

Cprime Studios’ HIPAA Expert certification is updated every year and we have great experience in healthcare app development.

Contact our managers to get an estimate for your app.

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