How IT solutions can help carmakers during a recession

archer How IT Solutions Can Help Carmakers During a Recession

Have you considered the way you would sell cars in this rapidly changing situation? Economic recession dictates its own rules and, as a carmaker, you need to find a solution for its adoption.

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The pandemic and the recession it created have changed the way we conduct business. According to the New York Times, the auto industry was one of the few that resisted the introduction of e-commerce. However, the pandemic forced automakers to close up showrooms and rethink how they sell cars and manage customer relationships. As physical sales at dealerships became impossible due to health risks, selling cars online became the only way to keep business afloat.

But this is not the only advantage that car apps can offer your business. In this article, we highlight the additional benefits you can employ to support your business during a recession.

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Car apps market overview: Which solutions are used by drivers

In order to understand what solution your business needs, you need to analyze the solutions that already exist in the market and which are popular among drivers. So what are the good car apps? Here is a list of best car apps 2019-2020 according to Business Insider.

  • Find My Car. This is a popular and indispensable solution for drivers who park their car in a huge parking lot and forget the location of their parking space when they go to retrieve the vehicle.
  • Parkopedia. This is an essential solution for those who are looking for parking. The application contains information on more than 60 million parking spaces around the world, and it provides information on availability and rates if the parking is not free.
  • ChargePoint. Despite the fact that electric cars are very popular and affordable, it can be difficult to find a charging station. This application solves this problem and suggests the nearest available locations to charge your car.
  • What is the best driving app? It is FGL Drive Tracking. This application tracks driver behavior. It is especially useful for beginners, as well as for those who want to improve their driving.
  • TrueCar is a car marketplace that allows individuals and companies to sell and buy new and used cars.
  • SpotHero. This is another parking solution integrated with smart parking. With its help, a driver can book a parking space and pay for it online.
  • GasBuddy is an app that assists drivers in finding the nearest gas stations and the best prices.
  • Openbay is a solution to quickly get in touch with mechanics nearby based on the car maintenance issue the user needs to solve.
  • What is the cheapest ride-sharing app? This is Turo. And this app is not only free to use, it’s possible to earn money with it by sharing your car with others.

Hint: You may develop all or some of the above features for your application to give users the best experience in one place.

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The ways apps and other software are useful to carmakers

We have talked about the best apps for car owners to give you some ideas of the features you might want to create for your app, but what app do car dealers use and what goals do they want to achieve? Here are the main tasks vehicle apps can help with.

  • Sell a car. As we mentioned above, the pandemic forced automakers to switch to online sales. What’s more, the online space provides even more opportunities to boost the user experience and improve sales. Augmented reality (AR) is a leading technology that allows carmakers and car sellers to showcase their models without requiring the car buyer to leave home. This approach is already used by Audi, Porsche, and BMW. Their AR mobile apps allow potential buyers to “touch and test” the car and make a fully-informed decision.
  • Sell additional services. You can also sell additional services with apps for cars, and provide users with valuable information and updates. For example, you may offer app users insurance products or suggest scheduling needed maintenance services.
  • Design a new car at a low cost. The pandemic forced many to cut costs in addition to changing the way they do business and market their offerings. Designing and creating a new car is a very expensive venture, but technology can also help in this case. What is the best app for design and how do you make a car body? Porsche is familiar with the answers as the company has been using AR technologies and 3D modeling in their manufacturing process to cut costs, make instant adjustments to the design, and take users’ preferences into account.
  • Improve the user experience with in-car connectivity. Automotive IoT solutions are good options to provide users with engaging and data-driven experiences. The Internet of Things approach is used in connected car development by Tesla for example.
  • Build long-term loyalty. Apps for car guys are also one more way to build a good long-term relationship with your customers since they can stay in touch with the manufacturer.
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There are a lot of ways to support your car manufacturing business during a recession with the help of apps and technologies, but keep in mind that each app should be business-specific and help you to solve a particular problem. That’s why it is always necessary to start with Cprime Studios’ team has practical experience in developing automotive industry solutions and can assist you at every stage. Let’s get in touch and find the right path together!


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