How to effectively manage fleet and warehouse with custom software solutions?

Archer Blog - Fleet and warehouse management

Technologies allowing to track, aggregate and analyze the enormous amount of data generated by the vehicle can leverage the efficiency of the fleet be it a taxi, delivery service or the logistics and distribution company. We've covered the key pain points of fleet managing companies in our webinar: drivers' management, vehicles management, and support, and customer relations management - and how to deal with them through custom software solutions.


  • How to optimize costs and enhance drivers' performance by introducing OBD2-based solutions to the existing IT landscape
  • Case: Hiring, firing, training, evaluating, motivating, and retaining highly skilled drivers based on real-time data gathered from vehicles
  • Why build a single digital system? What benefits does integrating warehouse, fleet, and route management and other operational solutions bring?
  • Case: Building a single internal digital ecosystem allowing management routes, warehouse, fleet maintenance, drivers' performance, time of the delivery, etc.
  • How can developing custom non-for-profit apps help to increase sales and retention?
  • Case: App providing the added value to a buyer and contributing to a faster deal closure

Speaker: Alex Sharko, Chief Operating Officer, Cprime Studios

Bio: Grew from QA, Developer, System, and Business Analyst, PM, Tech Sales in the USA, to Delivery Director and COO. Cprime Studios Cost-Performance Index averages 99.6% during the last 5 years.

Delivered 50+ projects including automotive solutions development and manages to build the Cprime Studios' solutions prototypes.

Consultant in business processes configuration, strategic planning, project management and delivery, sales, and marketing. Enabled one of the clients to boost revenue by 2.4 within 2 years of consultancy.

Conducts training and workshops on Project Management, Sales, and System Analysis.