Fleet Management Automation: Features, Benefits and Cost

Ebook - Fleet management automation

We believe that fleet management automation makes your fleet operation running smoothly and helps with cost-saving. The question is which software is better for your company – off-the-shelf solutions or purpose-built proprietary software? We have delivered a number of projects for fleet managing companies and have accumulated the challenges they usually face as well as approaches and technologies that help to overcome them and build competitive advantages.

Fleet management software can be used by a wide variety of businesses across multiple industries, including multi-national couriers, retailers and distributors. State-of-the-art commercial vehicle tracking systems put you in full control of the costs and logistics involved while managing virtually any mobile workforce and assets. Such software includes both vertical and horizontal platform solutions that can facilitate routing and logistics services.

The most advanced products allow third-party integrations into online ordering and other systems using APIs. In general, fleet management software includes smartphone apps for drivers, a real-time web dashboard for dispatchers, and automated SMS notifications and driver tracking for customers.

In this ebook, we’ll give you an overview of the features embodied in the average fleet management software, and compare the investments necessary to get a working solution integrated into the digital ecosystem of your company and answer the question: can fleet management software be a pain killer for your business?

In the book:

  • Reasons to Launch Fleet Management Automation
    • Cost control
    • Management of drivers
    • Maintenance management
    • System integration
    • Legislative pressure
  • What Are the Benefits of Automating Your Fleet Workflow?
  • Which Fleet Management Software Features Are Essential?
    • Route planning
    • Fuel management
    • Driver management
    • Maintenance management
    • Digital systems integration
  • Off-the-shelf solutions vs Proprietary Software Development: Which Is Better?
  • Checklist to Evaluate and Select the Right Fleet Management Telematics Solution for Your Business    

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