Fleet management automation for delivery companies

Cprime Studios Webinar - Fleet Management Automation

2020 has given rough times for many businesses, but like any upheaval, it has also given an amazing boost to others whose services turned out to be vitally necessary for people staying in lockdown. Delivery companies have faced the demand booming overnight and, thus, the need for quick adaptation of processes and fleets management automation.

Automation that has been postponed by many has become crucial to the survival of so many businesses, especially for HoReCa, eCommerce, food and hardware retailers.

Cprime Studios has delivered a number of fleet management automation solutions for companies across the globe, so we have asked our team to share the most important technical and business issues to address in fleet software development.

You will find this webinar useful if you’re: Fleet Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Demand Planner, Logistics Manager and Coordinator, Transportation Coordinator or Analyst, CIO, CTO, CEO, COO of fleet management companies, delivery services, food and hardware retailers, restaurant chains, eCommerce companies, on-demand marketplaces.


What features of fleet management solutions ensure a performance boost for delivery companies?

Konstantin Demyshev, Product Manager

Konstantin will be talking about value-added features of the fleet management solutions and technologies like machine-learning that help delivery companies adjust their processes and business model quickly to the ever-evolving customer’s expectations.

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6:34 What makes the fleet efficient?
7:40 How to maximize fleet utilization?
11:42 Adjusting the vehicle type to optimize fleet management
14:40 How to optimize delays in the pick up and dispatch locations using machine learning
26:16 Analyzing the hourly distribution of jobs to optimize delivery
27:46 Maintenance scheduling
28:54 Takeaways, Q&A

How to plan your routes to optimize the cost of the delivery and increase profitability?

Sergey Shalayev, Delivery Director

Sergey will cover the technology behind efficient routing through a real-life example and data: how to use your constraints to your benefits, significantly cut costs of the jobs while using the same number of vehicles, flexibly adjust to demand fluctuations.

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40:03 Solving the Travelling Salesman Problem
46:08 What is a Vehicle Routing Problem and how to deal with it?
59:03 Counterintuitive aspects of Route Planning that one has to embrace
1:10:03 How to build an efficient route: Inputs and Tools
1:15:06 What-if Route planning: Playing with your constraints to build the right routes
1:23:47 Routes Cost Calculation Principles
1:28:41 Q&A

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