Data Migration Software Complete Guide

Data Migration Software Complete Guide

Data migration software can perform the transferring process in different ways. The goal is to find the software that matches your business goals the best.

What Is Data Migration?

Data migration is the process of relocating data between different locations. Usually, companies require a data migration to upgrade their software or switch to a new IT system. Data migration software is a program that ensures accurate and safe migration of data between different locations.

If you work with big data or transfer a vast system, the best option is to choose special software for this operation. Also, you can contact Cprime Studios if you need to update your system, recover it, create a data backup, or define the best data migration techniques for this work.

We can define standards of data migration:

  • Storage migration: it is transferring data from an outdated system to an upgraded one.
  • Application migration: it is relocating the data from all applications to a new program.
  • Cloud migration: it is moving data from local storage to cloud solution.

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How Your Business Will Benefit From Data Transferring

For almost any situation, data migration is a necessary procedure in terms of changing or updating software. There are a few benefits of using advanced data migration software solutions for this operation.

  1. You could ultimately maintain data integrity.
  2. Accurate data migration boost the efficiency and effectiveness of new software
  3. With IT migration solutions, you will quickly scale up the resources for meeting business needs.
  4. Your data will be protected.
  5. You will improve ROI, as the data migration will reduce the costs for storage and media.

The Best Data Migration Software For Different Cases

As we already mentioned, there can be many reasons to migrate the data, and you need to find the most appropriate way of doing this.


PCTrans is the software made by EaseUS often used for transferring the data from an old system to a new one. It is a well-known one-click solution for automatically moving the data. After the migration is finished, you will have all the applications pre-installed in a new system. They also have 24/7 guiding on the transferring process that can be helpful in case you have a problem in any stage of migration.

The tool is integrated with Dropbox, Adobe, MS Office, and more. The company also offers a tool Migrate OS to SSD/HDD that allows you to copy system drives to SSD or HDD. It is also a helpful feature for the data migration process. This software works on Windows. This software works on Windows.


This software can manage different types of data migration, from moving the files from one system to another to backing up folders, files and replacing local backups in cloud systems. Moreover, Acronis has a built-in anti-malware tool that ensures data protection. It also works with Windows and iOS.

Acronis has an advanced feature, Active Disk Learning, that makes a replica of your system. It means that you do need to stop the work while the data migration tools perform. The next thing is that this tool also transfers the data between mobiles.

MiniTool Partition Wizard

This instrument supports you with a disk partition and migrates the data from OS to SSD/HD. It also helps to save you time and perform the backup or hard drive upgrades with application and system installation. The purpose of this tool is that it works with the latest versions of Windows.

This software has a tool for recovering lost data. In-build devices can support recovering data from recycling bins, desktops, or other folders. Also, it converts the dynamic disk to essential without any data loss. In our experience, it is one of the most effective tools for managing disk partitioning.

With this software, you can transfer not only data but also settings to a new system. It also does not require a license code for old CDs, as most applications are already pre-installed. To use Laplink, you need to install the software for your old and new system, choose the transfer option you want to apply, and wait until the program finishes migration. It is easy to navigate and implement in any scenario.

The benefits of Laplink are in speed of system migration and the ability to select the files you need to move. At the same time, this data migration software works on Windows.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager

This software also covers the option of disk cloning but also can clone the disk by partition. Moreover, it can resize the partition while cloning git. The valuable feature of this tool is the ability to create a virtual clone of your computer to a USB drive.


AOMEI is another software for managing partitions on your disk. This tool allows you to choose the specific section for transferring to a new system or clone the whole hard drive. It also lets you control your dynamic disk partitions, and all the migration processes can be done with a few clicks. Another feature is the existence of several converters that make the work with data faster and more efficient. AOMEI has a Windows To Go option that can build functional Windows 10/8/7 on your USB drive.

Other Software You Need To Catch Up

We pointed to the most frequently used and comprehensive tools for data migration, but there are also some tools you need to consider in specific goals.

  • Samsung Smart Switch: the best solution for transferring the data between smartphones built on Google's mobile OS.
  • Windows 10 Accelerator: in case you work with data migration for up to a thousand machines.
  • O&O DiskImage: the best solution for monitoring security risks.
  • Clonezilla: the tool you can use for restoring images on more than one machine.
  • Azure is one of the best cloud data migration tools.

Final Thoughts

The data migration process can be easy and safe if you choose the right software for transferring. At the same time, you need to start with a data migration strategy to outline the goals and define the priorities in the data moving process.

We delineated the benefits and features of the most popular software solution and pointed to a few variants for specific goals. If you need to discuss data migration in your company, you can always contact our specialist.