Cprime | Archer is Changing to Cprime Studios. Frequently Asked Questions

Cprime | Archer becomes Cprime Studios

Cprime, Inc. is officially launching Cprime Studios, the former Archer Software. As Cprime Studios, we’ll continue to provide full-cycle software development with the same team that has built Archer Software over the past 20 year but with new superpowers. We’re strengthening the infrastructure, managed services, hosting and support competence and bringing development team management to a new level.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you enjoy our transformation.

What is Cprime Studios?

Cprime Studios is the software product development division of Cprime. All of the company's services will be divided into three branches:

  • Product - develop amazing software for you and with you.
  • Infrastructure - configure and maintain your cloud infrastructure.
  • Teams - staff, train and extend your development teams.

Our expertise ranges from working in industries such as automotive, healthcare, fintech, logistics, eCommerce, but are definitely not limited to that. We accumulate expertise across all major verticals to help you deal with your challenges faster and with outstanding results.

What is Cprime?

Cprime is a global consulting firm with 250+ seasoned consultants helping transforming businesses get in sync. We help visionary business leaders compose solutions, execute implementations, and perform against business goals. As a leading global Agile, Product, and Technology solutions provider, Cprime’s industry-leading software and talent solutions work together in synergy to deliver transformations.

Why is Cprime | Archer (formally Archer Software) changing to Cprime Studios?

Here’s what our top executives shaping up our new brand think about the changes to come:

Anne Steiner, Vice President of Product and Technology, Cprime, Inc.

“Historically, people know Cprime for being a consulting company, the top Atlassian partner, a company that trains your teams to work faster and in an agile manner. But let’s look at many initiatives that we've been working on for the last two or three years internally - like our AWS and cloud infrastructure programs, DevOps and technical coaching capabilities. Cprime Studios is the culmination of bringing all of Cprime's technical and product capabilities together to build products for (and with) our clients and help them to move faster. So, Cprime Studios is Cprime's product development arm. Here, we bring products to life.

We acquired Archer Software because of its stand-out capabilities and rock-solid delivery in our industry. What Cprime seeks to do is to enhance that and to really extend the reach of Archer Software. It's still the same people, it's still the same leadership, it's still highly capable tech talent that you've been relying on. With Cprime, Archer Software can do even more for you. As a part of a bigger company, it can have much more resources to draw from.”

Alexander Sharko, COO, Cprime Studios

“I am really excited about the fact that Cprime Studios is launching. We combine our software development expertise with consulting, learning and infrastructure capabilities that Cprime provides for their clients. Together, we are able to help our clients develop the product from scratch, or renovate and rebuild it, or educate them to do all of this, or build development teams to deliver it for them. We make full cycle software development even wider and more powerful. As Cprime Studios, we can deliver solutions, train and support our clients from the very beginning when the idea appears till the product becomes a market leader.”

I have a contract with Cprime | Archer. Is it still valid?

Yes, absolutely. All contracts and written agreements are still valid. Remaking contracts was the first thing we changed before the whole rebranding thing started.

How do the changes affect invoicing with Cprime | Archer?

There are no changes at all here. Bank details stay the same, and all the legal documents of Cprime | Archer remain unchanged too.

Has my point of contact changed?

The Cprime | Archer team remains the same. That means you’ll continue working with the same people you did before.

You may have noticed already that Cprime | Archer has changed its email to the Cprime domain. If you continue to email @archer-soft.com, we’ll still be getting your messages. However, it will be better to update your contact and use our new domain.

How can I learn more about the new services Cprime Studios will offer?

Stay tuned for the updates following our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: we’ll be introducing new pages to our website in a few weeks covering everything that will change with the new brand being launched.

We’ll be changing our visual style as well to match our new cool Cprime Studios personality. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure you can easily recognize the new us. And hopefully you’ll love our new style as much as we all do in Cprime.

Will I still have the possibility to download Cprime | Archer ebooks and webinars?

Sure, all the ebooks and webinars will stay on the website. Small fixes of them will be provided in the nearest future to change the look and feel as well as refreshing them with new insights. So, if you want to read and watch our old-style vintage materials, start right now.

What about social media? Should I subscribe to the new ones?

In August, we will switch our social media platforms from Cprime | Archer to Cprime Studios. This may affect page addresses - but if you’re already our subscriber, you won’t even notice that. Those changes will involve our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Some bigger changes are expected for our Youtube fans. In the next several months, we’ll move our Cprime | Archer video to the official Cprime channel. In a few months all of them will only be accessible through Cprime’s main Youtube channel.

Give us a call or text us to know more.