The Benefits and Opportunities of GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment

The Benefits and Opportunities of GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment

Construction technologies are evolving, allowing companies to build structures faster and safer. GPS tracking for construction equipment isn’t the only way this technology can be used to improve efficiency in the construction industry. Construction equipment tracking with GPS technology promises many business benefits.

What is GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment?

GPS tracking for construction equipment is a combination of hardware and software used to monitor the location of vehicles and track their movements remotely. The technology is powered by the Global Positioning System (GPS) that uses data from satellites to identify the location of a vehicle.

GPS tracking for construction equipment allows someone to pinpoint the location of the vehicle, but the opportunity to track the precise location of equipment isn’t the only benefit construction companies can get from utilizing this technology.

Why Do Construction Companies Require GPS Tracking?

Construction companies are heavily bound by legal and technical requirements that regulate the process of construction itself, specify the industry standards for companies and establish rules for employees' safety on the construction site. Violation of these requirements can lead to the development of unsafe buildings, workplace injuries and deaths, and legal proceedings and fines.

GPS tracking for construction equipment allows a company to stay compliant more efficiently by providing them with real-time data on their vehicles’ usage and location.

Benefits of Construction Equipment Tracking

These are the benefits of using GPS for construction equipment:

  • Heightened awareness. The opportunity to access real-time data is the top benefit of construction GPS. GPS tracking software often comes with a set of advanced features that go beyond location tracking. Some GPS fleet tracking systems also allow the users to set geofencing, monitor driver behavior, track fuel consumption, prevent equipment breakdowns and reduce downtime.
  • Improve safety. Using a GPS tracker for heavy equipment is an opportunity to improve safety on the construction site. Companies can make sure the construction equipment is not used by unauthorized people after hours and outside the specified location. GPS trackers are also quite effective for theft prevention and quicker equipment recovery.
  • Prevent breakdowns. Some construction equipment GPS tracking systems come with predictive and preventive maintenance features. These functions are essential for construction companies which own their own vehicles since timely maintenance is always cheaper than repairs.
  • Avoid costly downtime. GPS tracking for construction equipment also provides an opportunity to avoid costly downtime and improve employee productivity because some GPS vehicle tracking apps can monitor ignition and shutdown of an engine and instantly transmit that information to a manager through a mobile application.
  • Ensure contract compliance. This benefit of machinery tracking is essential for companies renting out their equipment. With the help of construction GPS tracking, they can be sure their vehicles are only used when and where specified in the contract.

    Using tracking construction software is a way to make sure there is no contract violation and machinery abuse that can be costly for the owner. The best GPS tracker for heavy equipment also allows a company to monitor the behavior of drivers when renting out their vehicles, and to stay assured the driving behavior is careful and safe.

How to Use Heavy Equipment Tracking

A GPS tracking device for construction equipment comes with additional features beyond just tracking the location. That’s why you can tailor this software and hardware to your business needs and generate the data that matters most for your construction process.

Here is a guide on how to choose, develop and use heavy equipment GPS tracking devices.

Set Your Goal

Before getting started with a heavy equipment monitoring system, you should decide what the goal is. Companies that rent their vehicles prioritize the accuracy of geo-data and geofencing features to avoid equipment abuse and misuse. Companies that own the equipment can benefit from these features as well, plus the opportunity for predictive maintenance and monitoring driver behavior.

Highlight Important Features

Highlight the most important features your GPS tracker for heavy equipment should have based on your goal. It will facilitate the next stage where you decide whether you need a ready-made GPS tracking system or if you are better off developing a customized solution.

Ready-Made vs. Custom Tracking Software

Both of the options have their pros and cons. The good thing about a ready-made system is the opportunity to buy or rent the hardware, pay for a software subscription and get started. But the functionality of a ready-made GPS tracking app may have some gaps that will not cover all of your business needs. On the other hand, custom GPS systems for heavy equipment can be tailored to your goals and provide you with access to the specific data that matters most for your business.

Set up Alerts

GPS trackers for construction equipment work in real-time so you can customize the notification settings and get only those notifications that are crucial for a safe and effective construction process like geo-fencing.

Customize Your Reports

GPS tracking for construction equipment allows you to analyze important data. To unlock data analysis opportunities, you can customize reports by specifying the parameters, timeframes and costs that matter most.

Train Your Staff

As the last step, you have to train the staff working with the GPS tracking system and develop an action plan for emergency alerts.


GPS tracking software is essential for companies involved in very responsible and potentially dangerous processes. The construction industry is one of them. Consider powering your vehicles and equipment with GPS technology to stay fully informed about equipment on a construction site.

Cprime Studios can help you develop a GPS application for your business to manage important tasks and improve the construction process by accessing real-time data. Get in touch with us for more details!