Accelerating time-to-market through Quality Assurance automation

Case-study: Accelerating time-to-market
through QA automation and development process transformation

Learn how product development process optimization and Quality Assurance automation have helped Mulesoft company deploy new features every 2 weeks cutting from a few weeks.

MuleSoft, a software company that provides Anypoint Platform - a solution for integrating software as a service (SaaS), on-premises software, legacy systems, and other platforms and devices with APIs - Application Programming Interfaces.

Mulesoft had a talent shortage and needed a team augmentation partner who wouldn't just staff the team, but would be deeply involved in the company's processes and understand the ever-evolving goals at every stage of product development. Cprime Studios has been hired initially to deliver a modernization of the Frontend part of Anypoint Platform that was getting pretty mature and complex at this moment of time. 

However, while delivering the task Cprime Studios' team has encountered certain obstacles due to the way the development process and specifically Quality Assurance have been organized. The most important consequences of these obstacles were that the company could not deploy new features to production fast enough. The quality assurance specifically has been taking too much of the development team's time as it was manual and required a lot of regression testing.

Download our case study to learn how Cprime Studios' team has addressed these issues, optimized and transformed the development team collaboration to reduce time-to-market from 6-8 weeks to just 2 weeks.


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