What does it mean to be a part of Cprime Studios?

What does it mean to be a part of Cprime Studios?

Cprime Studios is an international team that develops software products and provides technical consulting services. We are open, ambitious and motivated.

Our offices are located in Ukraine. The parent company's offices Cprime are located worldwide in the USA, UK, Ukraine, Finland, Canada, India and other countries.

You can finalize business matters in Kyiv one day and fly to America the next. Wherever you are, one thing remains the same: you work every day in an exciting multi-cultural environment with colleagues from around the world.

The strong foundation of the company includes values ​​based on partnership and open communication with management, trusting relationships among team members and constant progress in the best traditions of Agile project management.

Let us share why nearly 200 tech specialists choose us as their employer.

| Cprime Studios — exciting projects and open people. You work to achieve a common goal and improve the product, not just 8 hours for reporting. It motivates. (QA manager)

| Cprime Studios is a trustworthy and stable company with an excellent transformation experience. The company takes care of all its employees at every stage. (VP Business Development Manager)

| Cprime Studios is working on the complete project implementation cycle: from hypothesis validation to product launch. And there is always prompt communication and healthy relationships. (Product Manager)

| Сprime Studios — first of all, atmosphere and high culture. I like that nothing stands still, everything is transformed and improved, and most importantly - the company harmoniously implements changes and takes care of us. (Business Development Manager)

About Cprime Studios

We believe that ideas matter

Our goal is to always to listen to the needs of our employees. You can count on support, constructive feedback, advice and help. Be honest, talk about your needs and don’t be afraid of mistakes.

Thanks to a strong and cohesive team, Cprime Studios has won client trust, including Volvo, Renault, Smartling, Medoc and Bankaroo. And after merging with Cprime, we became part of the IT projects Atlassian, Tesla, Slack, Oracle, GitLab and Workato.

We value


Thanks to parent company Cprime, which is the largest distributor of Atlassian products in the United States, SAFe evangelist and a leading company for implementing SCRUM, we at Cprime Studios have access to 300+ internships.

The training hub offers education in the following areas: Agile, Business Analysis, Cloud and IT Services, Cybersecurity, Data and Analytics, DevOps, Product Management, Project and Program Management, SAFe, Scrum and more.

If you choose external courses, we pay 70% of the cost.


We create an environment where everyone can be enthusiastic about their work, receive timely feedback and know that they are an essential part of the achievements and success of Cprime Studios. We see and reward the efforts of everyone, and most importantly, provide the opportunity for self-realization on large-scale projects for global companies. And it works.

Family involvement

We know work is important, but family comes first. New parents, both moms and dads,have the opportunity to take paid maternity leave. Employees can also choose a flexible work schedule to spend more time with family. Older children have a chance for an internship at Сprime Studios in Ukraine or an internship at our foreign offices.

And for those who can't imagine life without their pets, our multifunctional spaces make it possible to bring pets to work without interfering with colleagues and adding fun to the office.


Loud corporate parties at sea and cozy family holidays in the woods. Online watching movies with gastro-boxes or board games on the large office terrace. Holidays for children or workshops for parents. Yoga on the roof of the office or sports massage. You do not need to choose one thing, because it's all about our holiday together. Come have some fun with us.